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  • 26 Oct 2017

    INTERRA To Host Ribbon Cutting With Bolingbrook Mayor Celebrating Going Green

  • 21 Jul 2017

    Recipient Of Service Award Thanks INTERRA for Engineering Support With Jane Byrne Circle Interchange

  • 15 Mar 2017

    INTERRA, Inc. Full-Time Field Technician Openings in Franklin, WI

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Laboratory Certifications

  • IL & WI State DOTs
  • ASTM


Firm Certifications

  • DBE with IDOT
  • MBE with City of Chicago

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LPV111, New Orleans East Back Levee, Louisiana: “Given the accelerated schedule requirements of this project both the testing lab & field staff were more than capable and willing to go the extra mile to ensure all manners of testing specifications …

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Construction Inspection-Noise Wall, I-294, Cook County, IL

INTERRA Services

Developed Quality Control Program (QCP) Plan as per ISTHA requirements.

Quality Representative (QR) for the project to ensure compliance with the contract documents and the QCP.

Project Background

The work under this Contract consists of: design and construction of a wood  noise abatement wall extension at Plainfield Road over I-294 near Indian Head  Park, IL. The work is on the northbound side of I-294 along the northbound  entrance ramp to the Hinsdale Oasis. Approximately 80′ of existing wood noise  abatement wall will be removed. Approximately 525′ of new wood noise  abatement wall will be constructed. The work also includes the necessary traffic  control, temporary pavement markings, and temporary concrete barrier to  establish the work zone. The work under this Contract is to be performed on: the  Tri-State Tollway (I-294) Mile Post 24.4 to Mile Post 24.5, Station 1291+22 to  Station 1296+57 in Cook County Illinois.