INTERRA, Inc. provides Quality Assurance testing and inspection of materials on various City of Chicago projects including Arterial, 50/50 sidewalk program, and water Management projects. INTERRA’s responsibility consists of QA inspection at concrete and asphalt plants, soils, and aggregate inspection and field inspections involving asphalt density testing and concrete testing. INTERRA has been providing QA services to City of Chicago and Department of Transportation since 2005. Various QA projects under the QC/QA construction Engineer Contract with more than 3,000 projects citywide cover under this contract. QA services were provided for various bridges over I-90/94 under the Expressway Viaduct Program. INTERRA provides testing and inspection services for the ADA Ramps program.

Responsibilities include:

  • INTERRA is involved in field observation and testing of new green technologies.
  • Assisted Prime in development of soils portion of the Resident Engineer training program.
  • Assisted Prime in the development of CDOT QC/QA Database Program.
  • Verified mix designs and prepared verification reports.
  • Coordinate, schedule, perform, and monitor material testing.
  • Plant and job site inspection of asphalt (Hot-Mix and Warm-Mix).
  • Provide laboratory testing of asphalt materials including High Performance Cold Patch.
  • Provide plant and job site inspection of cast-in-place, precast, and pre-stress concrete, aggregate, soil, CCDD, steel, and other materials. This also includes quality control, quality assurance and/or quality surveillance.
  • Evaluate QC/QA test reports.
  • Prepare and submit material QC/QA reports to reviewing agencies.
  • Enter data into CDOT QA Database including but not limited to test results and scheduling.
  • Attend various meetings as required and/or as directed and prepare minutes.
  • Prepare and submit summary report of asphalt laboratory and field test results for discussion at bi-weekly inspection meetings.