INTERRA takes pride in its service to valued clients. INTERRA’s mission is Quality, Service, and Commitment to each and every client.
INTERRA at a Glance:
  • Multiple Offices. INTERRA has offices / testing laboratories in Illinois and Wisconsin.
  • Meets the Challenge. INTERRA has met the challenges of demanding projects and successfully completed both as a prime and as a subconsultant throughout the United States.
  • Accreditations. INTERRA’s material testing laboratories are accredited by state DOTs and AASHTO to provide common and advanced testing on soil, concrete, asphalt, and aggregates.
  • Quality + Client Satisfaction. INTERRA is fully committed to the use of systems, procedures, employee training, and certifications to sustain high quality standards in our services for each and every client.
  • Safety. INTERRA is a safety-driven engineering firm who has successfully completed projects without incident.
  • IT. INTERRA employs a technology-based information management ‘backbone’ to:
    • Process and organize high volumes of sample/technical data
    • Maintain consistent, accurate, and reliable documentation
    • Deliver material test results in near “real-time” to expedite project progress and decision-making for complete client satisfaction
  • Business Designations. INTERRA is a certified Disadvantaged / Minority Business Enterprise with various state DOTs and local agencies.
  • Sustainability. INTERRA is always looking to improve its sustainability methods and reduce its carbon footprint on the Earth. While INTERRA works to support the construction industry, they have a proven daily record of leadership, innovation, implementation, internal company practices, industry involvement, and a systematic business model in supporting the environment. In 2017, INTERRA installed a new rooftop 220 panel, 75.9 Kilowatt DC Solar Panel system. Approximately, 100,000 kWh energy production meets about 80 percent of the company’s electricity consumption, equivalent to almost 2,400 trees being planted yearly or 150,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions being eliminated. Also in 2017 INTERRA converted its company fleet to electric and presently has four electric vehicles and two Electric Vehicle chargers, accessible to clients and staff. INTERRA recycles the following:
      • Concrete Samples (109 tons annually)
      • Asphalt Samples (109 tons annually)
      • Paper
      • Glass
      • Metals
      • Chemicals
      • Plastics
  • INTERRA has been recognized for its innovative green initiatives.