INTERRA takes pride in its service to valued clients. INTERRA’s mission is Quality, Service, and Commitment to each and every client.
INTERRA at a Glance:
  • Multiple Offices. INTERRA has offices / testing laboratories in Illinois and Wisconsin.
  • Meets the Challenge. INTERRA has met the challenges of demanding projects and successfully completed both as a prime and as a subconsultant throughout the United States.
  • Agency Prequalified. INTERRA is prequalified by the Illinois Department of Transportation in the following categories:
    • Special Services – Construction Inspection
    • Geotechnical Services – General Geotechnical Services
    • Geotechnical Services – Structure Geotechnical Reports
    • Geotechnical Services – Subsurface Explorations
    • Special Services – Quality Assurance PCC & Aggregate
    • Special Services – Quality Assurance HMA & Aggregate
    • Airports – Construction Inspection
  • Accreditations. INTERRA’s material testing laboratories are accredited by state DOTs, Army Corps of Engineers, and AASHTO to provide common and advanced testing on soils, concrete, hot-mix asphalt, and aggregates.
  • Quality + Client Satisfaction. INTERRA is fully committed to the use of systems, procedures, employee training, and certifications to sustain high quality standards in our services for each and every client.
  • Safety. INTERRA is a safety-driven organization and has successfully completed projects without incident.
  • IT. INTERRA employs a technology-based information management ‘backbone’ to:
    • process and organize high volumes of sample/technical data
    • maintain consistent, accurate, and reliable documentation
    • deliver material test results in near “real-time” to expedite project progress and decision-making for complete client satisfaction
  • Business Designations. INTERRA is certified as a Disadvantaged / Minority Business Enterprise with various state DOTs and local agencies