This state of the art facility is the first of its kind in the U.S. Armed Forces and gives recruits real training scenarios. During the construction of the project, INTERRA provided bearing pressure tests for the foundations, field soil compaction testing for backfill material in the foundations and floor areas. Concrete testing was performed in the field including re-bar inspection during the placement of the concrete. Mortar and Grout sampling was also performed. Random sampling and testing of the CMU blocks and bricks was also performed. Structural steel testing consisted of weld inspections, shear stud testing, magnetic particle testing, and bolted connection testing. Continuous roof inspection services were provided through our subconsultant. Asphalt testing services were provided for the parking areas. The team created the $82 million, high tech training simulator with unprecedented detail, at Great Lakes, IL. This is the Navy’s only recruit training center. Melding the best of the very different disciplines of entertainment technology, military training and design and engineering, Battle Stations 21 includes a replica of a guided missile destroyer, surrounded by water. In a grueling, 12-hour training rite of passage, naval recruits are experiencing the sights, sounds and even smells of naval operations and crisis situations with the facility that is being used around the clock by up to 352 recruits at a time.