The I-294 Corridor Project comprises of the rehabilitation (Four Individual Contracts) of the existing I-294 Expressway between I-80 (MP 0.0) and Grand Avenue (MP 65.0). INTERRA’s Independent Assurance (IA) engineer performs the inspection for the installation of pre-cast panels near the south end during nights and testing involved on the Contract. We are responsible for overseeing pilot projects involving concrete patching on the Mile Long Bridge, south of O’Hare. This needed a quick turn-around in testing due to six-hour strength specifications. We are involved in the supervision of the Grand Avenue interchange project which involves weaving of traffic and construction of entrance and exit ramps. We are also involved on the 4240 Contract on the I-190 ramps to O’Hare Airport. Our IA engineer attends monthly progress meetings and reports to the ISTHA materials engineer.