For this contract INTERRA provided Phase III professional engineering services which included Quality Assurance (QA) services for HMA, PCC, Aggregate Gradation Control System (AGCS), Recycled Asphalt Paving (RAP) testing, Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) testing, pipe, precast, and prestressed inspections on an as needed basis for IDOT.

INTERRA is providing HMA/PCC Level II technicians at the District One Schaumburg laboratory for the construction season during daytime and night shifts. Our lab technicians performed tasks which included Aggregate testing, HMA testing for Gmm, Gmb, voids, AC Content, Soils laboratory testing for proctors and concrete lab testing for compressive strength. Technicians report to the IDOT District One Lab Manager. Interra is providing a project manager to handle certain parts of full-time tasks such as staff management of quality assurance efforts in a geographical area for Mixtures Control Unit, evaluation of laboratory test results, and evaluation of mix designs and new products. 

Additional services and responsibilities also includes support of District One’s Bureau of Materials staff, assisting the Mixtures Control Engineer and Material Field technicians in reviewing various material inspections, tracking and helping solve material issues, processing various technical test results, preparing for and attending pre-construction meetings, reviewing Quality Control plans, and monitoring project status.

INTERRA is providing a Recycling Project Manager with the 5-day Aggregate certification and knowledgeable in the SSRBC, ACGS policy memorandum, Recycling PCC into ACGS policy memo and RAP for aggregate. Applications policy memo is assigned to complete this task. The task includes daily inspections and pick-up of recycled aggregate samples from about 25 recycle plants in the District One area. It also involves gradation testing, obtaining gradation splits and doing visual raw feed inspections. The test results are entered into the QCQA Package and into the Mistic Workbook. The Project Manager reports directly to the District Aggregate Supervisor and provides weekly updates of inspection details. At the end of the season INTERRA will provide comprehensive feedback on compliance statistics, specification observations, best practices and recommendations for better results as it relates to the District One Recycle Program.

INTERRA is also providing technical office staff to perform data entry of various technical laboratory reports on a mainframe system and electronic database. The Project Manager Anshu Balekai, P.E., is in charge of personnel management, scheduling, troubleshooting, cost estimating, and attending meetings. Quality Assurance Manager John Huang, P.E. provides onsite support and is a resource for inspectors and department inspectors by performing troubleshooting of issues, coordination, and ensures policies and procedures are followed.