INTERRA was selected by IDOT to provide Phase III professional engineering services. This work which included Quality Assurance for hot mix asphalt (HMA), Portland Cement Concrete (PCC), aggregates, RAP/RAS, and precast/prestressed inspections. INTERRA personnel were assigned to this contract as a full-time Materials Area Supervisor and served as an assistant to District 1 Mixtures Control Engineer Mr. Steve Jones. INTERRA handled certain full-time tasks such as staff management of Quality Assurance efforts in a geographical area for the Mixtures Control Unit, evaluation of laboratory test results, and evaluation of mix designs and new products. Responsibilities also included reviewing Quality Control plans submitted by contractors. Agency and contractor reports were reviewed by INTERRA. INTERRA attended pre-construction and pre-pavement meetings as well as other meetings as needed. INTERRA personnel reviewed and approved new concrete and HMA mix designs from various producers. This process required the knowledge of IDOT databases and IDOT standards and specifications. Responsibilities also included reviewing and submitting PCC and HMA reports for contractors into the IDOT MISTIC database system. Site visits to various construction sites, PCC and HMA plants and laboratories for the required inspections. Additional services and responsibilities included support of District One’s Bureau of Materials staff. Work also included assisting the Mixtures Control Engineer and Material Field technicians in reviewing various material inspections, tracking, and helping resolve material issues, processing various technical test results, preparing for and attending pre-construction meetings, reviewing Quality Control plans, and monitoring project status.