Work for this current IDOT project includes the construction of a three-span bridge, 10 retaining walls, 15 box culverts, the addition of one lane in each direction, and the replacement of traffic signals for nearly a seven mile stretch of IL 31 between IL 120 and IL 176. INTERRA is performing geotechnical work involving nearly 250 soil borings totaling 5,000 feet of drilling. Field services include collecting split spoon samples, shelby tube samples, bulk sampling for further laboratory testing and classification of soils. INTERRA is installing piezometers for groundwater levels. Scope also includes performing infiltration testing. Laboratory work includes moisture content, grainsize analysis, Atterberg limits, organic content, and Proctor testing. Structure Geotechnical Reports (SGR) are being prepared for bridges, retaining walls, and culverts. Roadway Geotechnical Reports (RGR) are being prepared for additional lanes and traffic signals.