As a subconsultant to Juneau Associates, Inc., P.C., INTERRA provides Materials Coordination, QA Materials Testing, and Construction Inspection services as requested for the CMUR contract and its associated tasks.

  • I-18-4814: I-294 Noise Abatement Walls – This project included the replacement of Noise Abatement Wall at Plaza 35 and Noise Abatement Wall fabrication Tri-State Tollway (I-294) Mile post 30.0 to mile post 31.6. The project involves excavation and grading, the removal of an existing noise abatement wall, the construction of a new noise abatement wall, seeding, and the fabrication and delivery of a structure mounted noise abatement wall.

  • I-20-4546: I-294 Noise Abatement Walls (Hinsdale Oasis to 55th Street) – This project included removal of existing noise abatement walls, wooden sight screen and guardrail, installation of ground mounted noise abatement walls, box culvert improvements, installation of guardrail, and lighting relocation.

  • RR-20-4545: Systemwide Pavement Repairs (Concrete Repairs: Systemwide / Asphalt Repairs: I-294) – This project included Asphalt Repairs: Tri-State Tollway I-294 (Northbound and Southbound Lanes) between Mile Posts 29.9 (Plaza 35) and 39.8 (Balmoral Avenue); Concrete Repairs: Systemwide. The scope of the work shall consist of Systemwide pavement repairs and patching, including, pavement removal and replacement of Warm-Mix-Asphalt, crack routing and sealing, and crack filling; and Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Patching (full depth and partial depth).

  • 4210/4211: Surety Repairs – This project included pavement patching along I-90. INTERRA provided materials coordination and testing services.

  • I-19-4499: I-294 Grading and Drainage Improvements (Ramp AB from I-294 SB to I-55 NB/SB) – The project included aggregate access road construction, site clearing and grading, drainage improvements, shoulder rehabilitation, guardrail improvement, and all ancillary work.

  • I-19-4506: I-294 Shoulder Rehabilitation and Traffic Crossover Construction (MP 17.8 to MP 20.7) – The project included shoulder rehabilitation and crossover construction for work in advance of a mainline contract.

  • I-19-4507: I-294 Shoulder Rehabilitation, Retaining Wall and Noise Abatement Wall Construction – The project included temporary lighting improvements, permanent and temporary Drainage Improvements, pavement removal, construction of mainline and ramp pavement and crossovers, construction of soil nail walls for BN 185 and BN 187, removal of existing noise abatement walls, construction noise abatement wall PR-TS22.90N (NB), earthwork and grading, and relocate temporary ITS.

  • RR-19-4470: I-294 / I-390 Intermittent Pavement Repairs – The project included intermittent pavement repairs and patching, including pavement removal and replacement of Warm-Mix Asphalt, crack routing, sealing and crack filling.

  • RR-18-4439: I-294 Bridge Deck and ORT Pavement Rehabilitation – The project included bridge deck and open road tolling (ORT) pavement rehabilitation along I-294 (MP 18.70 to MP 39.25).