INTERRA, Inc. worked to construct an extension of Kings Road from Rodeo Drive to Hassert Boulevard in Bolingbrook. INTERRA provided construction inspection services as well as the documentation of quantities. Inspection included the excavation for the bridge footings, pours, and ensures concrete meets project requirements. Other services INTERRA performed included Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) testing on the embankment and conducted soil compaction testing. Moisture content and density was verified to meet project specifications. During the construction process, it was discovered that the three-sided arch culvert was needed to be founded on the shallow fractured bedrock and not engineered fill material as originally designed. Due to the expense involved in excavating in rock for a wider footing, the decision was made to reevaluate the bearing resistance of the fractured bedrock and the resulting footing design. INTERRA performed the geotechnical evaluation and provided the client recommendations on the bearing and sliding resistance for the footing design.