INTERRA, Inc. provided Quality Assurance inspection and testing services. This included inspections and testing for soil, aggregates, concrete, and warm mix asphalt (WMA). Inspections were performed at the plant and the jobsite for various pay items such as caissons, columns, structures and mainline pavement and the MLB deck. INTERRA conducted evaluations of test results and compared to quality control results. Quality Assurance services included the sampling of concrete and verification of temperature, slump, air content, and concrete strength testing. Testing was performed on various test strips for the WMA mixes which included nuclear density gauge correlations. Split samples of aggregates, asphalt mixes, and concrete cylinders were transported and tested at our AASHTO/IDOT certified laboratory in Bolingbrook, IL. Inspection and testing services were performed on specialty mixes such as accelerated patch mixes, mass concrete pours, and high-performance concrete. Test results were communicated to the Material Coordinator and reported to the Tollway on IMIRS and eBuilder. INTERRA also performed Evaporation Tests after the bridge deck placement.