This MWRDGC project primarily consisted of increasing the capacity of the reservoir by widening and deepening. Improvements also included the addition of numerous boardwalks and trails.

The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment consisted of extensive review of site historical documents and site reconnaissance to identify recognized environmental conditions. During the Phase II Environmental site assessment, soil and sediment samples were collected and analyzed for various parameters to determine the various in-place and offsite soil management options. Geotechnical investigation included soil borings, advanced laboratory testing of soil samples and preparation of geotechnical report, including slope stability analyses and recommendations for foundations of many boardwalks, spillway and other structures. INTERRA assisted with the preparation of project plans and specifications during the bidding stage of the project.  During the construction phase of the project, INTERRA acted as the owner’s representative to perform soil compaction testing, review contractor submittals for boardwalks, provided recommendations on design related matters, and oversaw pile load tests.