This IDOT reconstruction of the Taylor Street Bridge created a new flyover ramp which connected the inbound Dan Ryan Expressway (I-90/94) to the outbound Eisenhower Expressway (I-290). INTERRA was responsible for monitoring, inspection, observation, and the daily documentation of construction activities. INTERRA assisted in various Bridge Deck Pours and with Quality Assurance services for soil, concrete, and HMA, including precast, PCC and HMA plant and field inspections. INTERRA assisted the Material Coordinators with inspections of the HMA, PCC, soil, and aggregate. INTERRA performed monitoring of caisson installation, MSE wall inspections, on-site bearing capacity determinations, soil density testing, soil compaction testing, aggregates and asphalt, piles and caisson monitoring and testing and Cellular Concrete. INTERRA technicians conducted monitoring of subgrade testing, proofrolls, PGE placement, PGE crushing, and soil backfill compaction. Specifically, earthwork monitoring consisted of soil excavation, observations, and making recommendations.