The O'Hare Fuel Committee New Transmission Mains

The O’Hare Fuel Committee (OFC) Project No. 101.4A-2 included the installation of new transmission mains at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.  INTERRA ensured the new transmission mains were constructed prior to the construction of various runways and taxiways. INTERRA performed Quality Assurance and Material Testing (QAMT) and tested according to project plans and specifications. INTERRA provided all personnel, facilities, onsite and off-site laboratories and testing equipment, transportation, materials and supplies to execute Quality Assurance and Materials Testing.  INTERRA completed all field and laboratory materials testing of soil, aggregates, asphalt, and concrete according to ASTM and AASHTO procedures. All testing results were reported weekly. After project completion, the mains provided an entirely new fuel pipeline system to transfer fuel from the OFC’s Tank Farm to the various hydrant loops throughout the airport.

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